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Authorized Dealer for Manitoba

& NW Ontario

Whether you have a fishing boat, pontoon, personal watercraft or high performance wake board boat we have a Hewitt lift that will meet your needs.

Hewitt Manufacturing has been in business for 50 years!


You can certainly count on their quality and reputation as an industry leading manufacturer. This brand has a long history in Manitoba, Kenora and North Western Ontario. You will see Hewitt products at most of your local lakes.






Hewitt Hi-Lift Vertical


The Hewitt Hi-Lift Vertical lift is an economical boat lift ideally suited to deeper water and locations where water levels fluctuate. The Hi-Lifter is based on a simple proven design incorporating Hewitt's rock-solid construction and unique frame design that incorporates side bars that provide easier boat access and greater stability than traditional "v" style designs. Hewitt Hi-Lift Vertical Lifts are available in 12 different models in capacities ranging from 1100 LBS to 10,000 LBS.

Hewitt Cantilever Lifts

The original Hewitt cantilever lift is a rugged general purpose lift. It has a natural mechanical advantage that actually makes operation easier as the boat is raised higher. Cantilever lifts have a long history of trouble-free performance. They require fewer moving parts for superior reliability and place less stress on pulleys and cables. In the fully raised position, cables carry no weight and the load is entirely supported by the frame.

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