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Authorized Dealer for Manitoba

& NW Ontario

One of the most important aspects to look for when purchasing a boat lift is the ease of installation and ease of adjustment.  This is where the differences between boat lift manufacturers becomes most apparent. You definitely get what you pay for in this department and we think you will find some of the best overall value in our Floe models.

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Our Floe lifts are the most user friendly on the market. The manufacturing quality is also second to none and they come with a 15 Year Limited Manufacturer’s warranty.

Easy-Level legs included on the vertical lifts allow you to fully raise or lower the legs using a drill from above the water line. When you want to roll the lift, simply raise the legs with your drill and the lift will be sitting on it's wheels. Once the lift is in place, lower the legs using a drill to get the lift positioned at the right height for your water depth. If you need to make any seasonal adjustments, each leg can be fine tuned individually. This makes installation, setup and removal exponentially easier and potentially a one person job depending on the site.


The bunks on most models are an aluminum extrusion with a PVC padding that protects your boat. Both the height and horizontal position of the bunks are completely adjustable, so you can easily get the perfect fit for your model of boat. The bunks also have more height adjustability than most, so they can be set to a height that will accommodate the propeller clearance of inboard engines if required.


The Floe canopy is made from solution dyed polyester that has the colour dyed throughout the entire thickness of the fabric which resists fading and doesn't crack like other vinyl covers. The canopy frame also has a tensioning system built into the rails, this allows the Airmax fabric to be pulled nice and tight to resist flapping in the wind and giving a tailored wrinkle free look. Airmax canopies are also up to 50% deeper than most competing models giving 32” of total side coverage. This extra height allows your boat to be tucked in higher, giving better side protection from driving rain and sun. All Airmax canopies have vented end panels to allow air flow in your boat, reducing heat buildup and eliminating moisture problems found with vinyl canopies. Airmax canopies are also 6” wider than most competing canopies (10.5FT) which further increases the amount of side protection for your boat.


A full range of accessories are available, from power winches, guide-ins, motor stops and canopies.

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