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Authorized Dealer for Manitoba
& NW Ontario

Whether you you need a lightweight sectional dock, a heavy duty floating dock or a classic Roll-a-Dock we have a Hewitt dock that will need your needs.

Hewitt Manufacturing has been in business for 50 years!


You can certainly count on their quality and reputation as an industry leading manufacturer. This brand has a long history in Manitoba, Kenora and North Western Ontario. You will see Hewitt products at most of your local lakes.



Hewitt All-Terrain Adjustable Stairs and Dock Steps


Hewitt All-Terrain Staircase is the perfect solution for areas where construction of a permanent staircase would be too difficult or costly. The system’s unique design allows it to be adjusted to almost any terrain or slope, and we can customize steps or platforms to any specific length.

Railings are standard. Landings and platforms can be added as needed. No permanent footings required – simply use the optional landing pads or pound the support poles directly into the ground. There is no faster or easier way to add the convenience and safety of a durable stairway to your property. 


The stair treads and landings are available in two durable decking options. Corrosion-resistant powder coated all-aluminum with a baked-on finish provides sure footing even when wet. Lightweight maintenance-free reinforced polypropylene finished Thruflow Decking allows water and debris to fall through your dock surface. All components are ruggedly constructed, yet low in weight for easy handling and assembly.

Standard All-Terrain Staircase systems come in either 5 or 8 step sections. One 5-step section adjusts from 3’ to 4-1/2’ in height. An 8-step section adjusts from 5’ to 7-1/2’.

Custom Lengths up to 40FT can be ordered as needed to suit your site. Please provide a drawing with lengths required and we can provide a custom quotation.

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